The Journal “Reproductive Medicine” was founded in 2009.

ISSN 2303-9949.

The subscription index of the periodical is 76063.

You can subscribe to the journal in any branch office of “Kazpost” JSC

The journal is published in three languages: Russian, Kazakh and English.

Among the authors are scientists and practitioners from more than 10 countries.

The founder of the scientific and practical journal “Reproductive Medicine” is the Kazakhstan Reproductive Medicine Association (KARM) – a non- profit, non-commercial organization aimed at uniting specialists in the field of reproductology, disseminating medical knowledge, implementing international standards of medicine quality, providing information support to both specialists and patients. In its ranks, the association brought together specialists involved in human reproduction: obstetricians-gynecologists, reproductologists, embryologists.

The publisher of the journal is “MedMedia Kazakhstan” LLP.

The objectives of the journal:

• To promote research and introduction of new methods of treatment in reproductive medicine, as well as in related areas of medicine: obstetrics and gynecology, andriatrics, genetics, perinatology, etc.

• To provide help and assistance in scientific growth and development, as well as in the acquisition of practical skills by scientists and practitioners.

• To assist in the qualitative improvement of medicine and healthcare in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The targets of the journal:

• Publication of information on the latest achievements and prospects for the development of domestic and foreign reproductive medicine.

• Publication of materials conducive to professional development of personnel in the field of medicine.

• Publication of materials promoting the latest achievements in the field of reproductive medicine, the purpose of which is the prevention of childlessness and help in realizing the reproductive potential, as one of the most important personal and social factors.

• Establishment and support of international scientific relations in the field of reproductive medicine.







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